Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Randa vs. The Big Black Donkey

So here I sit in the Angus Office and we will be leaving in two weeks from tomorrow for NJAS in Des Moines, so the junior activities department is definately insane and I hardly even have time to write on my blog! But I have one of the funniest stories ever so here goes....

I just returned from Lewisburg, West Virginia from the Eastern Regional Angus Show. Lewisburg is a fairly small town, so entertainment at night can be limited. So after our first night of kareoke with Justin Brosey, Dana May, Rebeccah Tokach, Shelia Stannard and some of the Regional Managers (where I might add that Shelia sang 3 singles, all of us girls sang Britney Spears and I of course sang Baby Got Back), the show hosted an evening full of fun. There was to be donkey races (for those of 16 years of age) and a greased pig contest (open to even the youngest attendees!).

So there we were, preparing for the donkey races. The way it was planned was for the winner of each heat to come back for an auction before the finals, that way the show also raised a little money through the deal. Anyways, heat 2 consisted of the JR board members (6 of them present), Chris Cassady, Ashlyn Carter, Will Epperly, James Fisher (my boss), and myself. I was contestant number 4 and when I was handed my donkey, I was mortified that they gave me the biggest, tallest, blackest one there! I had no idea how I was going to get on this thing without a saddle or stirrup or anything! So I managed to get him close to the fence, where I could climb up and easily get on him, but you have to remember this is a donkey we are talking about. He didn't cooperate, wouldn't listen to the reins, etc. So I was still trying to figure this out. And may I add that I was not well prepared as I had on a pair of jeans that I have had since my junior year of high school that have been ripped up before and the cleaners have since then fixed. But back to the story: there was a guy in the audience (which I must add was as full as the bleachers had been the entire week) who came notice my troubles and came out to give me a hand. Well as soon as he put his hands out where I could step up....RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP! There went my jeans. And I mean this was no small rip, of course not, with me it's go big or go home! So this is still at the beginning of the contest and I of course cannot be a fun hater, so I am still thinking out my strategy! I decide to run with the donkey for a while and then hop on him towards the end to still finish. Everybody was falling off, getting bucked off, etc., so I decide to run my donky over to the picture back drop and get on the little bit of a hill that was there to help me get on him. GREAT SUCCESS........I was on and prepared to finish the race (keep in mind I have completely ripped jeans). Anyways, while I am riding, I am too worried about my jean situation and keeping myself covered, rather than actually staying on. Needless to say, my donkey decides to lower his head, and kick his back legs. As expected, I crash and burn. And when I say crash and burn, that is exactly what I mean. Because I was too worried about keeping myself covered, I didn't exactly catch myself, but rather hit pretty hard. Actually, it was hard enough to get the breath knocked out of me. BUT, I held on so tight that I still had the reins and halter in my hands when I stook up...THE PROBLEM WAS, MY DONKEY WAS LOOSE! Needless to say, I finally had to give in and be a fun hater. I slowly walked across the finish line with the reins and halter in my hand, yet no donkey! So to sum it up, I showed my ass (due to the ripped jeans), busted my ass, and lost my other ass! It is a good thing I am not shy, easily embarassed or modest, because I quickly got the car keys from my boss, ran to the hotel to change, and came back for the rest of the entertainment.

So in the battle of Randa vs. The Big Black Donkey, I definately ended up with the short end of the stick. I gave it my all and didn't give up, but when he ended up loose, I had to throw in the towel. Basically, this is just another funny story to add to my life. The next time any of you see me in person, you should ask about it because my intimidation of the whole ordeal will definately make you laugh.

As for a jewelry update....Jessica Carter and Amber Skinner are well on their way to heading up this weekend. We will be setting up my booth at the Maine, Chi, and Shorthorn Junior National on Sunday! I am so excited as I have been working really hard to get a lot of cute things made. And in addition, Miss Catherine Williams has designed me a display banner (much like those in the yards at denver for the display bulls) that I think will add a nice touch to the booth. So, be looking for updates from that show in the near future.

Until next time, I would suggest not trying to ride any stubborn donkeys, especially with old, previously ripped jeans. Just a slight piece of advice!

Randa :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Loving the Midwest!

Well here I sit on a Tuesday morning once again at the Angus office. We have only 3 1/2 weeks until junior nationals, so the junior activities department is very busy. As the intern, I am in charge of all of the contests and because Angus Jr Nationals is so big, we have to do 3 of those contests before the show. So, yesterday we successfully survived through the photography contest (all 540 entered photos!). One of my good friends, Miss LJ Ashorn actually got to help out with the judging as she is also in the midwest this summer for an internship of her own.

This past weekend I attended the wedding of Abe Redden and Hannah Brewer in Bloomington, IN. Abe worked at Deshazer while I was in high school and during my first three years at Texas A&M, so we were really good friends -- from going out to the hall, to helping out at cow sales, Abe and I have many memories together! Anyways, my dearest friend, Miss Amy Hughes used to be engaged to his brother, so needless to say I did also attend due to moral support. But as always, Amy and I turned what could have been an akward situtation into a good time! While in Bloomington, I visited the largest ever tanning place -- 54 beds! That is also the hometown of Indiana University, so I also got to see a beautiful campus! Due to the fact that it was still 8 hours away from St. Joseph, it was a very short trip, but very much enjoyed! And on my way back, I stopped in Richmond, MO to see another close college friend and old neighbor, Chris Peuster. He is managing a Charolais ranch there, so I graced him with my presence and we went to dinner. Little did I know that he would be judging the Clinton county fair the next day, which is only 30 miles away from me!

So, Sunday night Miss LJ stayed with me so that she could be at the Angus office ready to judge on Monday morning. After the photography contest, I finished up some other stuff and we were soon on our way to watch Peuster judge the county fair!

Now, this was no ordinary 'Texas' county fair as I was expecting. I believe there were only 50-70 people TOTAL in attendance. Most of the hogs were brought out as single entries, so Peuster couldn't screw that up too bad. The cutest part was definately the pee-wee showmanship! I went absolutely crazy taking pictures, videos and dying of laughter to see Peuster down on his knees talking on the mike to the little ones. Absolutely adorable! So after an hour and forty-five minutes, the boar, gilt and barrow shows were complete. One of my judging teammates, Cody Sloan, is from that part of the world and even though he was out of town, I did get to meet his little brother Troy. Troy is going to be a senior in high school, just as my brother, and he reminds me of him in many, many ways. So, to end the evening, we all went to dinner which made me very happy because Peuster is one of my FAVORITE friends!

So, today I have a very busy day as I leave early in the morning for West Virginia for the Eastern Regional Angus Show. I will be gone from Wednesday until Sunday night -- always on the road!

As for the jewelry update -- Queen Jessica Carter is definately saving my life right now! My jewelry account is through a Wells Fargo Bank (which is non-existant in Missouri or anywhere within driving distance), so she has been getting checks in the mail, getting the records, sending them to me, and then depositing my money. I definately would not make it this summer without her! She will possibly have a couple of pieces this weekend at a steer show in Conroe, TX. I have been given the opportunity to have another friend of mine, Kate Farris, take jewelry to the state Brangus show this weekend, but I will have to see if I can make it all work! Needless to say, many thoughts and new ideas are in the air at SJ as we prepare for the Maine, Chi and Shorthorn Junior Nationals!

Well, I better get back to work, but I did want to add an update! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week! :)

Randa :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

.::Royal Welcome::.

Well hello to all Southern Jewlz customers! I hope each of you are as excited about the SJ blog, because I know I am! Props definately go to the RHD (Ranch House Designs) girls as they are all truly fabulous!

A little bit of background about the blog:

My good friend at RHD, Miss Catherine Williams, is my new favorite msn messenger friend since I am working as the junior activities intern at the American Angus Association! She is the designer and creator of my website and is ALWAYS thinking of new ideas for SJ!

She was just so excited about the new RHD blog (which you should all check out!) and even though I was super busy at work, I took the time to look and read a bit on it. I fell in love and before I could even ask Catherine to do one for SJ, she already knew my thoughts and had send me a message that said "we should do you a blog for Southern Jewlz"!

Needless to say, within a couple of hours, here we are and I cannot wait to get my blog up and running. It will be just another way to keep communication between all of my super fabulous customers!

Please feel free to post any thoughts, ideas or stories that pertain to SJ or any of its Repz!