Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cowgirl Boot Heaven

For those of you who know me personally, then you know that I have a fetish for cowgirl boots. Specifically those by Old Gringo and Western Corral!

I recently made a trip to the University of Texas in Austin (boo I know, I definately bleed maroon) with my friend and roomate, Amy Hughes. She is a high school teacher in Franklin, TX, but her boyfriend is the cheeerleading coach at UT. Amy invited me to come along on a Friday to take some students to tour. Now even though this was completely dramatizing for me, because never have I ever seen so much burnt orange and horns, I soon learned to enjoy the day! I really began to enjoy the day whenever we left the University and started SHOPPING!

We went and visited South Congress Street, somewhat close to the infamous 6th street! The by far, hands down, absolute best stop of the day was at a Western Wear and Boot Store named "Allen Boots".

In this store was the largest selection of Old Gringo boots that I have ever seen altogether in one location. And keep in mind, I visit almost every major livestock show, both in the state of Texas and out, as well as Market. It was overwhelming to say the least! And then, to make things even better.....the lady who started to help us was the daughter of THE Old Gringo Designer! What a talented lady she is!

Needless to say, I was sure to ask if the staff would mind if I took some pictures (of course I explained I was only going to blog about them)! So, after lots of pictures of boots and even convincing Amy's foreign exchange student from Germany to purchase a pair, this blog now exists! Enjoy!

I love pink and brown together! I think it is an awesome color I obviously loved this boot!

Cowhides and Zebra hides are another infatuation of mine, so of course these were a favorite as well!

Turquoise, brown and cheetah...oh my!

These boots were fully crystallized up and down with wings! Swarovski crystal delight! My oh my, so stunning!

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crystal.cattle said...

Wonderful boots Randa! Now that exchange student has a piece of the real American West.