Monday, March 15, 2010

We are here!!!! At Rodeo Austin that is.....

Okay, my apologies for not blogging sooner. Thus, it will all roll into one. But the good thing is, I have a lot of pictures for the blog, so it will be easier and more interesting to follow.

Last Thursday, Anna Spencer (our super awesome photographer from and I came and set up the SJ booth at Rodeo Austin. The best part about it all was the fact that we parked front row (literally right in front of the door by our booth), got to keep the truck there the entire time, were very prompt about getting set up, and....(dum, dum, dum, dum)....WE HAVE A HUGE PINK CROWN AT THE TOP OF OUR BOOTH! Check this stuff out:

Friday was our first day to start selling, so I came that morning to move in all the goodies and finalize the set up. Now this had to be one of the craziest, busiest weekends of my life that required me to run up and down the roads. A good friend of mine from back home (Bremond, TX) was getting married. Therefore, I had to drive 2 hours to a rehearsal and dinner. Then on Saturday, I of course was in the wedding. She was a gorgeous bride, and I had a lot of fun seeing friends that I had grown up with and not seen in a very long time. Roslyn (the bride) was one of my friends that I spent many, many nights and weekends with growing up. I think thanks to her and her family, my gypsy like instincts were created. Her mom (in the picture with her) is also a very good friend to my mom!

Sunday morning, (still in Bremond, TX), I had to go check on some show pigs, stop in Hearne
to meet up with Amy's mom to get her dry cleaning and bring it back to Austin (so she could continue to look adorable while working the SJ booth), get to Tanner's house to get a show heifer prospect we got sold loaded up with her new owner, change into my SJ-attire, and come back to Austin to work! Whew, just typing all that made me tired!

But, after the crazy and fun-filled weekend, it has been time to focus my time and efforts back to SJ! Today (Monday), we debuted our very our line of belts. And boy, were they a hit. If you are interested in one, check them out on our Facebook page, the SJ online store or feel free to email us at But here are some awesome pictures of them! They already make the booth look better and have been selling very well. Not to mention, they are just simply fabulous and can make anyone look cute!

And the last bit of excitement that I will share before I go to bed (which is where
I should already be), is the fact that Mr. Kyle Park himself visited the SJ booth this evening. For those of you who do not know him, he is a very talented Texas Country Singer. so you should look him up. He is also very nice, personable, and appreciative for his fans. For those Kyle Park fans out there, be looking for him sporting a Southern Jewlz koozie the next time you see him, because of course we shared one with him. And ladies.....he is single!!!!

Don't forget about our March promotional! Create your customer account at the SJ online store and be automatically entered for a chance to win $50 store credit. Check it out at Peace, love, jewlz and GOODNIGHT!

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